Give it a go!

See how easy it is to create new documents!

  1. From your App Launcher, open OneDrive.
  2. Click +New button to create a new Word document.
  3. Click on the document name at the top and type over it to rename ‘From OneDrive’.
  4. Click on the [Your Name]>Documents hyperlink at the top to return to your OneDrive file listing.
  5. From the App Launcher, click Word.
  6. Select New blank document
  7. Enter some content
  8. In the File tab, choose Save As. Choose the Current Location. Give the new file the name ‘From Word Online’
  9. Click Save
  10. On your keyboard, press the Alt and Tab keys to find your way back to your browser.
  11. Navigate back to OneDrive. F5 to refresh your browser.

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