Sharing files with people in the Team

Uploaded files are available to everyone in the Team* already, but you might want to highlight one by:

  • Attaching it to a channel conversation (see the previous section on Creating Team Files)
  • Or from the Files tab, select a file and click Copy linkYou can paste that as a hyperlink in a chat, an email, or even share links to files in other channels (even if they belong to different Teams**). That way, you never have to upload multiple copies of the same file to work with it in different places - you'll always be maintaining 'one source of the truth'

​​​​​​​*Except private channels, which only Private Channel members can access

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​**When you Copy link from the Files tab, permissions for that link are specified - which is driven by your organisation's default sharing link setting (or this can be set at a site/Team level by an administrator)