Sharing files with people not in the Team

Permission to access a file in Teams is determined by who is in the Team (or Private Channel). If you want to share a Teams file with someone who is not in that Team, you'll need to give them access.

Sharing files with people in a different Team

  • You can share a file with people outside your Team (if they are also using Teams) by copying the link, pasting it into a Channel post in a different Team, into a Chat, or into an email:


Note: You can use the paperclip icon to Share a link into the channel conversation if you prefer that option, as seen previously in Creating Team Files

You can also get a link to share from within the Office applications if you're already working on that file:


Or if you're working on the file from within the Teams editor (Office files only):


Or from within File Explorer, if you have synced your Team files:


Sharing files with people outside your organisation

If you want to share a file with someone outside your organisation (that's not a guest in your Team), you'll need to use the Specific people link setting: