Debbie grew up in Rotorua, New Zealand, with 2 siblings. At the age of 17, she got the itch to experience the world, and spent a year discovering herself around the USA. Returning to NZ, she took the university route – studying Business in Auckland. Her journey took many turns, several career paths, a lot of travel, and many life experiences. When her daughter, Sophie, came along, it changed her meaning yet again.

In 2007, Debbie founded ShareThePoint Ltd, a company which specialises in Office 365; implementation and training. Debbie also organises the annual Digital Workplace Conferences in New Zealand and Australia.

Her focus is helping people understand the business capability and productivity gains that Office 365 can provide. From awareness and education, to change management and adoption, and everything in between, Debbie thrives on the people aspect – understanding the why, along with the what and the how.

Debbie has an extensive Project Management and Solutions background and was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for nine years. Debbie now lives in the sunny Bay of Plenty in New Zealand.

"I present often on the business capabilities of Office 365, love sharing my knowledge and stories around successful change, adoption and implementation (adding the why into all we do)"

"Nice take and new perspective on how to look at things. I think the topic, content and relevance was excellent and very true. Debbie is a great presenter."

Conference Attendee, Keynote – DWCAU 2019

"The topic is relevant to everyone. The 80 hour week is a long trip to lower productivity and employee burnout."

Conference Attendee, Keynote – DWCAU 2019

“Always love hearing you talk Debbie, you are so relaxed, know your stuff, and make the audience feel welcome and with a bit of humour too”

Attendee, Roadshow – DWR 2019

"Debbie this was such a fantastic way to break it all down. Loved the presentation" "Seems so obvious but most projects leave it out. Very insightful and professional..."

Attendee, Conference Session– DWC NZ 2019


Hot Topics Debbie is currently presenting on:

Discovering Office 365

Do you need to understand the capability, from a business perspective of how you might use Office 365 in your daily role? This session is a guided discovery through scenarios with real-world examples of working with OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner and other tools that save time and help us work smarter. All demonstration, and provides an insight into what is possible!

Implementing Office 365 - the Fruit Salad Formula

The world of IT (and the teams that support it) IS changing – how we implement new technology IS changing – how we adapt and mature our users IS changing.

So – how do you plan to change with it?

Using the Fruit Salad Formula we combine the many different ingredients of planning, training, building awareness and continuous improvement all as part of the Office 365 implementation recipe – sharing stories of our own tried and tested methods. The end result: a fruit salad that meets your company’s tastes (and requirements)!

Key takeaways

  1. How do you approach a simple, effective digital transformation – getting the most from the Office 365 offering, while not overwhelming your people?
  2. What are the key considerations when implementing Office 365?
  3. What do you do, and more importantly why to get people engaged with this new way of working, using the tools but also making the behavioural changes you need to instil?

Top 10 Tips When Using Microsoft Teams

Tips we use every day that make life simpler! This is aimed at giving simple real practical business examples using Teams, discover the best features that you will use most of the time!

  • Are you keen to learn some features that will improve how you work?
  • Are you using Teams, but need to see how you could increase your use, and your teams adoption?
  • Want to understand the business value behind the use of these features?

Keynote Presentation

Dispelling the myths of Work-Life Balance

Something we all search long and hard for, and so seldom seem to find! Why? Because “Work- Life Balance” is quite simply impossible! So, what are the options? How do you manifest the magic you want, while juggling all the essential elements in your life?

Debbie shares her secret formula with you – based on her many years of experience as a self-confessed balance-seeker and juggler extraordinaire. Three common myths are busted, and in their place, some practical strategies to put your life on track, helping you focus on the things you want and finding contentment along the way.

This session makes an excellent topic for ANY event, and was well received as a Keynote address in Australia in August 2019.

For more information on Debbie’s presentation topics or to book her for your next event, please contact us at:

Phone: +64 7 578 5577
Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: Debbie Ireland


"Thanks to Debbie - this session was a great start to the conference. We're all so busy, it's hard to take the time to stand back and figure out how to define what is an important use of our time and what isn't."

Conference Attendee – DWCAU 2019

It was well worth attending - lots of good tips, and presenter was fantastic.

Course Attendee – DWT 2019