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Teams for Communication: Instant Messaging, Calling, and Meetings

Online Calling, Meetings and Chats

  • Microsoft 365 and Teams brief intro
  • Mobile App, Set up and hardware
  • Using 1:1 and group chats
  • Voice and video calling capabilities – including from a mobile phone
  • Instant and scheduled meetings for video conferencing and screenshare
  • Meeting recording and transcription
  • Using Calendar in Teams

Who is it for?

Everyone using Teams, those brand new and those who need reminders on etiquette and tips on simplicity.

Thursday 7 July 1-2 NZT

Teams for Collaboration, Overcoming overwhelm of Information

Use Teams for Collaboration

  • Channel messages – when to use what –and necessary behavioural changes
  • Suggested usage etiquette for effective messaging
  • Organising and finding content (teams, channels, filter search)
  • Keeping up to date – using Notifications and Save
  • Sending email to Teams

Who is it for?

Everyone using Teams, those brand new and those who need reminders on etiquette and tips on simplicity.

Friday 8 July 1-2 NZT

Teams for Document Storage and Sharing

Use Teams for managing files

  • Using Files for Document storage
  • Saving files to Teams from desktop applications
  • Accessing files from File Explorer
  • Sharing files within the Team and with people outside the Team

Who is it for?

Everyone using Teams, those brand new and those who need reminders on etiquette and tips on simplicity.

Thursday 14 July 1-2 NZT

Forms, Polls and Surveys for capturing data

Use Teams for communication

  • Data Capture of information
  • Creating, Storing, and Managing
  • Forms as Quizzes
  • Polls in Meetings for interaction and quick surveys
  • Sharing Forms (externally, internally, and different methods)
  • Embedding in your collaboration Teams and displaying results
  • Exporting Data and Integration with SharePoint Lists (demo workflow)

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in using capturing information and engaging people with polls and surveys.

Friday 15 July 1-2 NZT

OneNote for Personal and Team Note Taking

Using OneNote for Electronic Note Taking

  • Working with individual and Team notebooks –creating, accessing, and syncing
  • OneNote Basics – including creating and organising content, Section Groups and Managing Pages
  • Using Tags and Search, Checklists, Tables, Dictating, Recording, Using Draw

Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested in keeping notes across multiple devices, or keeping shared notes you can collaborate on

Thursday 21 July 1-2 NZT

Next Level Document Management – Teams and SharePoint

More sophisticated document management options

  • Refresh on File Management features – for collaboration, eg Co-Author, sharing and easy Access,
  • Move and Sync
  • Understanding the relationship between Teams and SharePoint libraries
  • Content Approval on files
  • Metadata, Columns and Views
  • Sharing Documents

Who is it for?

People who have started using Microsoft Teams for storing documents and that want to explore what other features are available to help with document management

Friday 22 July 1-2 NZT

Lists to manage and track information

Business Process Improvement

  • Creating templates for reuse
  • Export data and use excel for further reporting and manipulation
  • Display of list on SharePoint pages and in Teams channels
  • Create custom views with formatting, filtering and grouping
  • Build in additional process automation with workflows

Who is it for?

If you are involved in the tracking or management of information – especially if you’re looking to create some more sophisticated ways of viewing your information and even automating some steps in your management process

Thursday 28 July 1-2 NZT

Microsoft Teams for Team Owners

Administering your Team

  • Managing Membership and Team settings
  • Moderating channel posts
  • Using Tabs and Channels to organise content
  • Understanding the relationship between the Files tab and SharePoint
  • Adding links to other libraries into the Files tab
  • Setting up other Apps (connectors, messaging apps)

Who is it for?

Anyone who has the responsibility of being a Team Owner or Administrator.

Friday 29 July 1-2 NZT

Teams Structure and Planning

Plan Business Unit Teams Structure

  • Understand when to use what, and define Teams, Channels, Files storage
  • Reorganising Existing Teams and Channels
  • Types of Teams
  • Socialising the proposed structure
  • Who has access to my info

Who is it for?

Definitely Team Owners, but also anyone else who is helping establish how their Team should be set up, what would make it easier for people in the Team to find the documents they use, and what settings and features are available for usability and governance of the Team 

Thursday 4 August 1-2 NZT

SharePoint Pages for Displaying Information

Help the consumers of your SharePoint site find the information they need easily.

  • The Fundamentals of SharePoint (Sites, Pages, Structure)
  • Editing your Home page of your intranet, Creating pages (news, content)
  • Navigation Elements
  • Webparts for surfacing the right information
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams (Tabs, Links, Documents)

Who is it for?

Anyone who curates information or needs to display information to their team (or other colleagues) to help them find what they need more easily 

Friday 5 August 1-2 NZT

Managing Approvals

Create and approve all kinds of requests – whether it’s a document, leave request, travel request – whatever you need to get approval for

  • Bring together all your approvals: the ones you’ve created and the ones that have been sent to you using the Approvals App in Microsoft Teams
  • Composing, managing and organising notifications
  • Using Templates
  • Approvals from workflows
  • Examples for best use

Who is it for?

If you’re asking for or receiving requests for a thumbs-up on documents, reports, ideas, discounts, media copy or other content or actions…. and want to manage them all from one place

Thursday 11 August 1-2 NZT

Effective Meetings, Events, webinars

What, where when and why– meetings, webinars and live events.

  • Teams meetings basics: creating from Teams or Outlook; joining from multiple starting points; in-meeting tools
  • Voice and video calling capabilities, Instant and scheduled meetings.
  • Checking for availability
  • Which kind of event for which purpose and audience
  • Creating the right event – to end up with right result
  • Before – set up and preparation
  • During – managing the event, monitoring chats, apps (eg polls, whiteboard)
  • After – recording, sharing, reporting, follow up
  • Presentation tips and tricks
  • Integrating other apps like whiteboard, Polls, OneNote, and Outlook

Who is it for?

People who are organising (or want to organise) online meetings or events using Microsoft Teams – and want to feel confident using meeting tools available

Friday 12 August 1-2 NZT

To Do and Planner for Task Management

Getting Organised

  • Personal Task Management with To Do – using Lists, Groups, Sharing and integration with Outlook
  • Team Task Management– using Planner
  • Creating, Adding, Duplicating, Assigning
  • Using effectively, comments and notifications
  • Categories, Buckets and Labels
  • Reporting and Filtering
  • Unified view and management with Tasks by To and Planner integrated with Teams

Who is it for?

Someone who wants to personally get more organised and be able to track tasks and also for anyone wanting some team cohesiveness with planning and reporting actions.

Thursday 18 August 1-2 NZT