Do you need to understand what Office 365 does, or how to implement it?

Please join us for one or all of our new webinars that provide real experiences, practical advice and a ton of takeaways.

Webinar #1 - The "what's possible" tour for Discovering Office 365

Do you need to understand the capability, from a business perspective Real-world examples of how you might use Office 365 in your daily role?

This session shows scenarios on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner and other tools that save time, help us work smarter, and how they work together?

For ANYONE (End Users, Project Teams and Execs) who need to know what is possible and WHY you might choose to use Office 365.

Webinar #2 - The Fruit Salad Formula for Implementing Office 365

Are you struggling with where to start in planning, training and gaining buy-in? Would you simply like need reassurance you are on the right track?

This session provides the Fruit Salad Formula - our recommended approach and guidance we have compiled from years of experience. You will learn lots of practical tips.

Ideal for those involved in the planning, decision making and in the process of deploying Office 365 or who needs to get more from what they have!

Webinar #3 - Top 10 Tips for using Microsoft Teams

  • Are you keen to learn some features that will improve how you work?
  • Are you using Teams, but need to see how you could increase your use, and your teams adoption?
  • Do you need see TEAMS in action? To get a feel for whats possible?
  • Want to understand the business value behind the use of these features?

Ideal for those who are looking to use (or are using) Microsoft Teams but want to discover what is possible and see it demonstrated with live examples.

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